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article: Features in the Water

Features in the Water

A water garden is an ever-changing environment naturally. You can change the features in your water garden to include waterfalls, streams, water bubbles, and so much more. Statues in the center of a water garden are more than just a pretty site; often they are waterfalls that are designed to provide air in the water for the fish or for the plants. Using water features to your advantage you might not have to ‘worry’ about the quality of your water as much as you used to.

Statues and water features in the garden can be and most often are made from various types of materials. You will find water features that are made of stone, cement, and masonry block, metals of various types and even from wood or plastics.

The water features that you decide to include in your water garden should reflect the over all effect that you want to present in the garden. For instance, in the formal water garden with the paver brick surrounding the water garden you most likely are not going to choose a stone water feature because the two would contrast each other, but using a metal, plastic or a masonry water features that is similar in color or texture of the brick would somewhat match.

Fountains in the water garden were once thought to be just ornamental, but now they are used also as a bird bath, to provide shade for the fish where plants are not growing, and fountains are used to put air in to the water keeping the fish environment healthy.

If you are going to have a very natural looking water garden, you will want your fountain to appear very simple with a slow water movement to keep the over all natural look and feel of the water garden. For a more formal water garden, a showy display of water that spurts up and in different directions may be just what you need for a complete overall formal look and feel.

Using water features and water fountains in the water garden you will need to be careful that you are keeping certain plants away from the splashing water. Some types of plants in the water garden will be more susceptible to rotting when constant water is splashing over the leaves like the lily in the water garden. Be sure to keep your container plants back a few feet from the water fountain to ensure better success in your water garden.

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