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article: Fall Seasonal Care

Fall Seasonal Care

Autumn is one month that your own environment can be a bit unpredictable as the weather changes fast, hot one day and cool and damp the next. Water temperatures in the fall months are going to be affected by the changing temperatures outdoors. The water is going to remain warmer a lot longer than the outdoor air is going to be warm, so you donít have to worry to much about the fish as the temperatures drop and change quickly.

For the koi fish, they will begin to eat more as the weather gets cooler and the temperatures begin to drop because they are going to want to fatten up as they realize winter is setting in.

Feeding during the autumn months is going to more important than it was all summer long. During the summer months the plants and insects that are available around the pond give the fish plenty to eat, but in the autumn months, food begins to become a bit scarcer and the fish want to eat more. Preserving your fish and helping fish survive over the winter months will become important for the pond owner in the long run, so you are not investing continually in buying fish.

As the water becomes overall cooler, the koi are going to eat less and will move about less in the pond. It will take three to four weeks before the water temperatures are going to be as low as the air temperatures so you will not notice the fish eating less to begin with, but you should continue feeding the fish in the first few weeks of the fall months when the outside air is cooling down.

One of the best types of foods that you can feed your koi when the weather is going to be turning to a winter scene is that of wheat germ pellets. Wheat germ pellets have high cereal content, which are going to give your fish everything needed to help boost them through those winter months without too much stress.

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