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Eco Pond Kit  66

Product: Pond Kits - Eco Series

Eco-Series Pond Kits are an excellent value! Each kit includes all necessary items to build a top quality feature. A Great DIY Kit!

Looking for an affordable way to install your new pond and get it up and running? Eco Series Pond Kits simplify installation by giving you pond basics at a great discounted price. Our experts here at PondSupply.com recommend Eco Series Pond Kits for do-it-yourselfers who want a professional looking pond but have a limited budget for supplies. We offer competitive prices on Eco Series Pond Kits and have four sizes for ponds from 6 foot by 6 foot in size to 15 foot by 20 foot in size.


With each of the Eco Series Pond Kits, you'll receive the following:


Kits Include:

  • 45 mil rubber liner
  • Liner underlayment
  • Eco-Series skimmer
  • Eco-Series filter with media
  • Continuous duty pump
  • Check valve assembly
  • Flexible PVC pipe
  • PVC glue

To find the right Eco Series Pond Kit for your needs, simply use the handy reference chart at the bottom of the page, which includes both linear measurements and gallon measurements for your convenience.

Eco Pond Kit 66

6' x 6' Pond Size
400 gallons
Free Shipping

$863.39 $778.00 On Sale!

Eco Pond Kit 810

8 x 10 Pond
900 Gallons
Free Shipping

$1,251.79 $1,127.00 On Sale!

Eco Pond Kit 1015

10 x 15 Pond
900 Gallons
Free Shipping

$1,601.09 $1,441.00 On Sale!

Eco Pond Kit 1520

15 x 20 Pond
3400 Gallons
Free Shipping*

$2,336.89 $2,104.00 On Sale!
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Kit Pond Size Liner Size Skimmer Filter Pump Tubing Gallons
EPK66 6' x 6' 10' x 13' Prelude Prelude EP1750 1 1/4" x 25' 400
EPK810 8' x 10' 15' x 15' Melody Sonata EP2200 1 1/2" x 25' 900
EPK1015 10' x 15' 17' x 20' Melody Melody TH150 2" x 25' 1700
EPK1520 15' x 20' 22' x 25' Ovation Symphony TH400 2" x 25' 3400

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