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Easy Weave Pond Liners

Easy Weave Pond Liners

24 Mil - EasyWeave Liner - Custom Width x Length Per Sq. Ft.  $0.99
30 Mil - EasyWeave Liner - Custom Width x Length Per Sq. Ft.  $1.10
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Reinforced Woven Polyethylene Pond Liners

Ideal for lining large ponds — up to 65,000 square feet in one piece!

Custom made to your exact pond size!

These polyethylene liners are engineered to offer great strength in a light weight liner material. The material is UV stabilized to offer years of worry free protection against the damaging rays of the sun. Unlike regular multilayered liners which simply stack the layers of liner on top of each other, these liners are woven together — this gives the ultimate in strength. Because of the light weight and strength, these liners can be manufactured in sizes up to 65,000 square feet.

  • Unlike PVC liners, which need 12" of soil over the entire liner, these liners do not require coverage other than around the edges — this lowers the overall installation cost dramatically!
  • Custom made liners require approximately 10-14 days for manufacturing and delivery
  • Ranging from 75 lbs to 150 lbs per 1000 sq ft of liner - much lighter than EPDM.
  • 20 year warranty when under water
  • 10 year warranty when exposed to direct sunlight

PSI Burst Strength Comparison (Mullen Test)

24 mil EasyWeave - 680 lbs.
30 mil EasyWeave - 720 lbs. 
30 mil PVC              -  226 lbs. 
60 mil HDPE           -  541 lbs.