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Product: Winter - De Icers

Preventing your pond or fountain from freezing in the winter helps protect fish and can cut down on some of the damage that comes from winter weather. Many pond experts recommend adding a de-icer in your pond as a part of annual winterizing. De-icers come in an array of sizes for everything from bird baths to large, deep ponds.

A de-icer can function one of two ways. Some use heat to keep the water temperature elevated above freezing. Others keep the water aerated or bubbling, which prevents it from solidifying. Whichever type of de-icer you prefer, you'll find the perfect model for your pond here at PondSupply.com. We have a wide selection of models from which you can choose, and we feature affordable prices, so that your new de-icer will easily fit into your budget for purchasing winterizing supplies.

Easy Pro Replacement Air Stone
Easy Pro Pond Aerator Replacement Air Stone Replacement Air Stone for Mini Aeration Systems
Quantity   1      2+  
Price $15.00 $7.95

Floating Pond De-Icer 1250W
Floating Pond De-Icer 1250W 1250-watts; 10' cord; 3-yr. manufacturer’s warranty. Safe for use in liner or plastic ponds. $54.95

Ice Eliminator Birdbath De-Icer
Ice Eliminator Birdbath De-Icer Using only 50 watts, the Ice Eliminator's low contour and neutral color look great in any birdbath. Maintains open water to -200F and is safe to use in plastic birdbaths. Aluminum, powder coated finish. Can be painted to match any color birdbath. $43.95

Thermo Pond 100 Watt Heater
Thermo Pond 100 Watt Heater Thermo-Pond 3.0 is the third generation of the most efficient and advanced pond heater on the market. Keeps an ice-free area on pond surface to allow for toxic gas escape throughout the winter. $64.95

Pondmaster Floating Pond De-Icer
Pondmaster Floating Pond De-Icer Maintains an ice-free center area that allows the accumulated toxic gases to escape from the trapped pond water – thus promoting a healthier environment for aquatic and plant life. $64.95

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