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Product: Water Treatments - De Foamer

Defoamer. A lot of times - there may be an issue in your pond that is causing foam to build up around your water fall. Sometimes it is caused by all the action around your waterfall coupled with something in your water (for example you might be getting a log of falling leaves in the pond) Unless you just have a massive waterfalle there is an problem that you are going to have to solve (for the leaf example adding a skimmer or netting) , but in the meantime a little bit of defoamer is a miracle worker. This stuff lasts forever so you don’t have to worry about it going bad on you. Throw the defoamer in and that foam is almost instantly gone. As far as I am concerned it's magic.

Easy Pro Defoamer 16oz
Easy Pro Defoamer 16oz EasyPro defoamer is a silicone based product that prevents foam bubbles from forming. $15.95

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