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article: Controlling Disease in the Water Garden

Controlling Disease in the Water Garden

Disease and environmental problems in the water garden are stressful on the fish in the water garden, but many of these problems are controllable. Both your fish and your plants can survive if you take action from disease and the continued environmental changes as they occur. Nothing can be taken more seriously than the water that your fish and plants live in, paying attention to the water, changes in the water will be most important for continued success with your water garden.

The changing of the water in the water garden is going to be important. Fresh water brings oxygen, and balances the harmful fish waste in the water. A five percent water change during any given twenty-four hours will be sufficient. How will you do this? Add a water fall that uses fresh water from some type of hose, or you can have your water garden arranged to use a natural spring that adds water to the water garden daily.

Controlling the plants that are decaying and the fish waste in the water is important and the fresh water daily will help you fight this ongoing battle for the best possible environment for your fish and your plants.

Buy supplies for your water garden, include in this list of supplies water testing kits that will allow you to monitor any changes in the water at least once a week. When you ‘think’ that your water garden is stable is when the bacteria and ammonia levels can change without much notice from above.

Be more aware of how you use insecticides when you are sitting around the water garden. Using sprays on your body or on the trees, or bushes around the water garden, this poison can over spray into the water adding harmful chemicals to your water, stressing the fish.

Controlling weeds using herbicides is also dangerous around the water garden and for your fish. The over spray, or using chemicals in the water garden to control plants and weeds does have an overall effect on the life of your fish in the water garden.

When treating your water garden it is going to be important to know how much water your pond holds. One gallon of water is equal to just over eight pounds. Some treatments for the water will require you to know this so calculating is easy!

If you are having a bit of a problem with algae one of the best methods of controlling it and repairing the environment in the water garden is best done using ultra violet lights to kill the algae.

Remember that when introducing fish to the water garden, big changes in temperature will put additional stress on your fish. Climate control for fish is important when buying or transporting new fish, or even when you are cleaning out the bottom of the water pond when you have drained the water garden.

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