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article: Circulatory System of Koi

Circulatory System of Koi

The overall composition of the Koi fish is one that makes this fish a good swimmer and a survivor over the winter months. the internal systems of the Koi are more complex than that of the external make up. The skeleton of this fish is what makes up and holds the interior organs in place as it forms a protective skeletal shell for the organs. The internal organs and tissues placed systematically along with the bones in the Koi make the fish one that is muscular.

The Koi heart does consist of four chambers where the blood is pumped in and out at it reaches all the areas of the body because of the muscular walls of the heart pumping blood through the ventricles and chambers for the benefit of the entire body.

The circulatory system of the Koi is the basis of oxygen and nutrients to travel and be absorbed over the entire body. The circulatory system is the basis for oxygen reaching all the cells in the body and the circulatory system is responsible for removing waste by products from the cells throughout the body.

The body fluids flow through the circulatory system and this include the blood, the oxygen, nutrients, plasma, and more. The heart provides the push needed for the blood to get from one end of the fish to the other. The heart pushes the blood through the blood vessels to reach the gills first (for oxygen absorption) and then to the brain and through other parts of the body then returning the blood to the heart for cleansing as it is then pumped back out of the heart and through the body again. There are blood vessels, arteries and veins that all work with the heart to create the circulatory system that keeps fish healthy and alive.

The most important function of the circulatory system for the Koi fish is that the oxygen is going to get to all parts of the body fast and easily. The circulatory system is what removes the carbon dioxide from the fish gills, fins, and tissues so that the oxygen can reach areas of the body as needed.

While your Koi fish is a very hardy fish, the Koi will produce levels of ammonia in their waste and by products which can be cleaned from the water by using plants in your water garden. The fish and the plants in the water garden will balance each other so that there does not become an over abundance of ammonia in the water which can be harmful to the fish!

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