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article: Choosing Pond Edging

Choosing Pond Edging

The edging of your pond is going to create the setting for how formal or informal your water garden is. Creating an inviting pond area is just a matter of what you really like in your landscape. The edging of your pond can be slate rocks, river rock, plastic edging, boulders stacked, stone slabs, granite, brick, block, pavers, cobblestones, turf, flat lumber, logs, or anything that you might like to use in edging the garden. Depending on the type of garden setting that you want to create and tie in with the rest of your landscape, this will be what you are going to use to decorate the water garden.

The edging on your water garden does have multiple functions. If you are going to be using the water garden for a relaxation center, you should feel at home and comfortable around the water garden. The water garden is also going to be an extension of your landscape tying it all together in one theme. The edging on your water garden is also going to server as a shelf to your looking into the water garden.

If you are going to have fish and plants in the water you will want to step one the edging of the water garden to look in easily so you will need to have a solid footing. If you are not going to be looking over the edge, you can use a different type of edging for the water garden. If you will have company around the water garden often, you should install something that is used for a solid footing for safety.

Often when you are buying a pond kit you will see edging that is loose or a soil type edging, but these gardens are for the areas where guests and children are not going to be onlookers. You have to take care in creating your water garden as you would any other garden or portion of your landscape. Provide reinforcement around your water garden so your edging stays in place and you do not have to replace it or fix it every few years.

Using large rocks, flat rocks, lumber and even many other types of material, you can create the solid footing edging that will allow spots where you can plant water garden flowers or even for placing containers around the water garden for a more natural look.

Under most all types of edging that you are going to be using around the water garden you should have a few inches of shell to help stabilize the area during the many temperatures of the seasons. Have fun creating that water garden that you have always dreamed of!

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