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Just a Quick Note before you hit the email button


I understand that if you are sending us the email that you have a question about your order, there is an issue with shipping or we screwed something up.

We ship 1000's of items and every once in a while something gets killed in shipping and every few thousand shipments we make a stupid mistake with your order.

When this happens we feel really bad about it ( really ) and Jody drops everything to work on fixing it for you.

So before you send the email please take just a moment to put together all the info that we will need to know to help you - details like your name, order #, and the specific question or issue.

Please remember that we are a mom and pop company and we use a lot of automated technology ( like our order status system ) to make running the company possible for 2 people. But, we do occasionally sleep and  attempt to "have a life" so even if you are a little leery about this "internet stuff" please pretend that you are standing just across the counter from Jody at your local store when you type your email to her.

This might help

this represents Jody online, so before you decide to be profane, rude, abusive etc... please think of her as a kindly lady who writes evangelical poetry and is known locally as the "hug lady" and be nice

I know that 99.9% of our customers are super nice - most "pond people" are

I'll bet you are also, and that you will be really happy with our service.

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