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article: Breeding Basics II

Breeding Basics II

Increasing the number of fish that you have, or breeding certain types of fish in your water garden, you will need to know more about what the good conditions are, how fish breed, and strategies for promoting fish spawning in your water garden. Here we are going to talk a bit about breeding, spawning, and how to increase your rate of return on fish when you want to increase the number of fish in your water garden.

Commercial breeders will use mats and brushes to promote and aid in the spawning process. A mat is a flat piece of material that is not chemically treated or harmful to the fish or the plants in the water garden at all. This mat is a layer of fibrous materials that are very very soft. The brushes that are used in commercial breeding at similar to a bottle brush, with very short brush like looks but the material is a very soft material that will not harm the fish eggs as they are collected or moved.

These types of commercial breeding products do come in a range of sizes to fit the breeder’s needs in amounts of eggs and the amount of fish that are in the water garden. Commercial breeders place mats in the water garden so that the eggs that are laid will hatch safely away from other predators that are known to eat the eggs, or the baby fish giving breeders a higher rate of return on the spawning that takes place during the spring months in the water garden.

For most fish, they are not going to be mature or old enough to spawn during their first year. Sexual maturity in fish is anywhere after the first year of life but once the fish are old enough to spawn, you will find that they are more useful for years to come if you are selling fish or if you have a large water garden that you want to populate. If you have a small water garden, and your fish are spawning year after year, you will need to clean out eggs after they are laid in the spring months to keep your water garden from becoming over populated.

When talking about how fish spawn and baby fish, there are two different types of spawning. Fish egg layers and livebearers. As you can take from the names, egg layers are the fish that are going to lay their eggs in the algae, in the roots of plants and the debris in your water garden. Livebearers are the fish that are going to give birth to live baby fish, just as humans give birth to babies. Within both of these types of fish, there are several additional manners of spawning such as eggs that are laid and then they are fertilized, eggs that are fertilized before they are laid and so on. Look for more articles here for more information on fish spawning and babies in the water garden.


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