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The secret to having a beautiful backyard pond is knowledge. The more you learn about maintenance and design, the better able you are to create the ideal backyard pond design and keep it looking great year after year. While you can learn a lot just by having a pond and taking care of it regularly, reading books written by experts and watching videos can supplement learning by experience and help you become more of an expert in all things related to pond care and design.

PondSupply.com makes it easy to find the best instructional books and videos on ponds. We have created our books and video collection using our own knowledge of pond care and design and have brought together titles that we have personally found useful. Our collection includes books and videos for those just beginning to learn about pond care, reference books for all pond owners and books on specific topics, such as attracting beautiful birds and butterflies to your pond. In addition to making excellent additions to your own library, our books and videos are wonderful for gift-giving.

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