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article: Bog Garden Plants

Bog Garden Plants

A bog garden is a moist, sometimes even wet area surrounding the water garden. A bog garden can also be a part of your landscape that is just too difficult to care for because it is that wet.

You can grow various types of plants in a bog garden that you would never be able to grow in other areas of your garden. In this article, I aim going to tell you a bit more about a few types of bog plants that are going to grow wonderfully in your bog garden.

Acorus is a bog garden plant that does also grow in the outskirts of a water garden. Acorus is a very hardy type of plant that will survive many of the harsh winters that some gardeners can experience.

This is a plant with evergreen type leaves, with some of the varieties of this plant having a very scented, a good scent, to their leaves. One of the best types of the Acorus bog plants, just my opinion though, is the Acorus calamus which is a type that is green and white growing to be about thirty inches long.

Cyperus is a moisture loving plant that grows nicely in the bog garden and even around the edges of your water garden. Cyperus is a plant that consists of over five hundred different types of plants. The roots from many of these plants will spread out and try to over take most water gardens and bog areas.

If you have a very small area, this plant is not one that you may like because you have to work a little to control it. When the seeds are dry and ready to fall, you have to clip and take off the flower heads to prevent this plant from spreading.

Houttuynia is a plant that uses various types of different colors in the leaves. The stems of this bog plant are red and the leaves are shades of blue and green. The leaves are also shaped in a sort of heart shape, which can be very nice if you are aiming for a sort of country home look in your bog areas.

Houttuynia is a plant that can be very spread out through your bog garden if you are not careful to clip and get the seeds before they spread each year. You can keep this plant in a container at the edge of a bog area if you want to be sure to contain the roots of this plant.

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