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article: Water Garden Plants

Water Garden Plants

Have you heard the term marginal plants before? Marginals are a plant for the water garden that grows quickly. The quick growing marginal plants need repotted usually every spring, dividing up this fast growing plant to fill other portions of your water garden. You can divide up your fast growing water plants in the fall before the cold winter approaches and succeed for the following year. When the pot is too full of roots you will have to break up the roots with your hands or with a knife for replanting.

It is also a good idea to wash off the roots and the plant itself by hosing them down so you can keep any little pests or bugs under control.

When you are dividing up your marginal water plants and the roots seem to be very small, cutting back the top green portions of the plant may be necessary in order to allow the root system to ‘catch up’ to support the plant.

If you have fast growing plants that you seem to be forever replanting, it is a good idea to line these large pots with burlap so that the roots can not grow out into the water garden and start taking over your entire water garden. Keeping your water garden plants under control, no matter how fast they seem to be growing is going to be a task that you should keep after to ensure that your water garden remains simple.

When replanting your fast growing water plants, be sure not to pack the soil too tightly around the roots. Lightly patting the soil with your finger tips is going to do the trick just fine.

Any portions of the plant the is exposed, or that appears to be a plant in a growth stage should not be covered with soil so that it does not become mushy as it is too wet under the soil area.

Keep in mind that plants that are fast growing, with a flower will spill seeds in to your water garden. As the plant puts seeds into your water garden you could end up with plants growing in the water garden in areas that you did not ‘want’.

Cutting back your water garden plants in the fall will cut down on the spaces where any little bugs or pests might be hiding over the winter. Because these plants are fast growing you will never notice the difference in the spring months when the plants return from dormancy for the new growing season.

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