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article: Small Water Lilies

Small Water Lilies

Water lilies are a staple in so many water gardens. Understanding more about the varieties of water lilies that you can use for decorating the water garden are vital when you have a smaller water garden, or when you want to use various types of water lilies in your water garden.

Froebelii Water Lilies will grow in the full sun water garden in water that is anywhere from one foot to two foot deep. This small water lily will spread out about a foot to a foot and a half so you won’t need many when you are using this lily in the water garden that is only ten or fifteen feet across. They will bloom in the mid summer months giving you red flowers with a orange center with a pale green colored leaf. The bright red petals are the highlight of this flower during the summer months. The Froebelii can be grown in the water garden, in the water or in a container.

Hermine Water Lilies will grow in the full sun in water that is just a foot deep up to two foot deep. This plant will spread out any where from one foot to three foot over the growing seasons. This is a very white flower with an egg yellow center that will point upwards, as a flower standing in the flower garden would. The leaves are deep seaweed green that spread out in a rounded shape and are flat against the surface of the water.

Layderi Fugens Water Lilies are a summer flowering plant that will grow in the full sun. Planted in the water garden in depths that are just a foot to two foot deep this plant will spread out anywhere from one foot to two foot wide. The petals on this flower are red with a few lighter pink petals on the exterior of the flower with a yellow center. The leaves that surround the Layderi Fugens are a light shade of green, with a purple glean on the under side of the leaves.

Laydekeri Pupurata Water Lilies are another small flowering water lily that will adorn the water garden. Flourishing in the full sun, and growing in depths of just one foot to two foot of water, the Laydekeri Pupurata will spread out about one to two foot wide. The flowers are shades of bright red to bright pink and bits of yellow in the center.


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