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article: Pond Safety

Pond Safety

You may feel that your water garden needs a few additional features which could require electricity, lighting and additional construction. There are a few safety concerns that you should be aware of when you are working around a pond that has already been constructed and when using electricity.

When adding an electrical outlet that you are going to use in the water garden you should keep your outlet within four feet of the water garden. Water proof covers should be added to all outdoor electrical outlets to ensure that the water does not kick a breaker and shutoff any important filtrating or oxygenating equipment that you may have plugged in.

You should never use extension cords for any of the features that you want to add to the water garden as extension cords used over long periods of time can cause fires. When at all possible you should cover electrical cords with some type of conduit so that there will be no chance of cuts in the cord and anyone getting electrocuted.

If you are going to move lights, fix your filtrating system or change the current on your water fall features, you first should unplug anything that is plugged in to electricity to prevent shock or injury.

When installing lights in or around the water garden, be sure to choose a low voltage light that will save you money on the electric bill plus they are safer in case of any accidents happening when you have electricity and water combined.

Any lights or light sockets that you buy for the water garden should be water proof.a water proof light will not let any water in around the bulb or the outlet in the case of rain or when the water is splashed from the pond.

Every time that you change a light bulb in or around the water garden it will be a good time to consider reviewing the sockets that you have installed in the water garden to check for any rust or corrosion in the sockets.

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