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article: Nutrition and Fish

Nutrition and Fish

Your water garden is a complete environment for fish, of all types. The water garden is going to be your retreat to the natural side of your own environment. Just as your own nutrition and food keeps your body healthy, the fish in your water pond are going to need good nutrition for their survival as well. Fish can die of malnutrition just as any other animal or plant could.

If you were to watch your fish all day long, you wouldnít see much new, but if you watched what goes on around the water garden, what you are putting into the water garden you might be surprised what effects you do have on their environment. Take their food for example.

Maybe you were out fertilizing your garden, and then you remembered that it was the day to feed the fish. Putting your hands from the fertilizer and then into the fish food and feeding your fish without washing them, you will be transferring poisons into the water garden. If you were to do this enough times, you could kill a few fish, deform a few fish or hurt plants that are growing in the water garden.

Residue from killing weeds will wash down into the water garden that can hurt your fish and your plants.

Forgetting to feed the fish, and feeding the fish the wrong types of food over an extended period of time can cause malnutrition and your fish will starve. You can feed your fish lettuce and goodies from your gardens, but you have to beware that you havenít used or kept chemicals on these vegetables before feeding them to the fish. Just washing them quickly with water from your hose can be sufficient in getting the bug killers off of your vegetables for the fish. You have to watch that you donít just give your fish lettuce though; they also need other nutrients as well which you will find in their bagged food.

Keeping plants in the fish garden is important for the fish to get all the food nutrients that they need. If you have built a water garden with fish, but havenít had the chance to plant water lilies or other water plants, give them some green veggies from your garden so that they can get the nutrients that their bodies need.

There are feed available for every kind of fish, and very few of the feeds are meant for all types of fish. For example, gold fish food is not going to keep your catfish healthy, and the other way around as well.

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