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article: How To Maintain Your Water Garden

How To Maintain Your Water Garden

Water gardens and ponds in the summer are a wonderful way to decorate your yard in the spring and summer time. One problem you may have with these ideas is the insects and pests that are drawn to the water. You could use chemicals to keep the pests away, but another way is organic methods.

You can buy something called Diacetemous earth, a white salt like substance that is available at most swimming pool supplies. You can sprinkle this in the affected area where invaders will hang out and it will kill them. To get rid of aphids, a parasite that is attracted to dying or even healthy plants, you can mix

a small amount of dishwashing detergent with some vegetable oil and water and put it into a spray bottle. The detergents help the oil mix with water and the oil will suffocate the unwanted guests.

Spider mites are another problem in gardens. Usually just a daily hosing of water will control them. If you have an infestation of them than you may need to remove all the plants in order to clean the container with warm soapy water. Just be sure to rinse away the entire soapy residue in the container before replanting the plants.

Mosquitoes will breed in smallest puddle of water. Their larvae are great fish food. But this is only good if you have fish in your pond or water garden. If there are no fish present, there is a product you can buy called Mosquito Dunks. They float in the water and keep away the pesky mosquito. This product is completely natural and will not harm pets or children.
To keep your garden looking great in the summertime, remove any dying leaves; these sometimes can attract insects to your garden. Be sure to change the water in the containers when necessary to control green water. Be sure and top off the water when evaporation takes place.

When the season is over you need to empty the containers and tuck them away for the winter. If you have tropical plants in your water gardens you can usually bring them inside before the first frost and put them in a smaller container and place them in a sunny window or well-lighted area.

You may need to use some form of artificial lighting to maintain them. For ponds you can float a pond deicer in them for the winter and use straw or sheets of Styrofoam around the container to insulate it.

Make sure to remove the plants first. Some flowers you can bring inside and use in an aquarium. Tropical lilies can be stored in an airtight garbage bag and stored in the garage or closet. Do not allow them to dry out completely. If mildew starts to form, wash it off with a mild bleach solution. If stored properly, you can replant them the next season.

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