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article: Fish Ponds

Fish Ponds

You can create a pond, small or large, in your garden that will focus on the life of a fish instead of the life of your plants. The use of water in your garden, with a focus on fish instead of on plants will bring a whole new outlook to your garden treasures and the path of life in your gardens.

Creating a water pond for fish is not as difficult as you might think. If you are building a water pond for fish, you can still use plants or you can keep the pond just for fish. After the initial expense of building a fishpond, your expenses are very minimal. The bugs and creatures that crawl in your gardens actually feed the fish and you donít have to buy fish food at all.

The interest in creating fishponds has been growing in the last few years, where even small fishponds are a big hit in rural communities. Smaller type fish ponds that are home to just one variety of fish will still bring your gardens a great finish quality that you have been searching for.

When designing a fish pond, you can also implement many of the ideas that you have for a bog pond, a water garden and for plants that need the water to thrive by creating these smaller water gardens near the fish pond as if they were connected, but they are not.

If you are interested in creating a fishpond, one of the first things you must do is learn more about what type of fish you want to keep. Will this fish need a certain amount of water? Will this type of fish need plants to produce oxygen in the water? Will this fish need anything special in the winter months? Visit an aquarium nearest you to make a choice about fish that is right for your climate and your locality. You can also visit your local extension office for great suggestions about fish for your fishpond as well as finding out where local fish hatcheries are located for a good price.

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