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article: Controlling Pond Algae

Controlling Pond Algae

The water garden or pond are areas of growth for plants, fish, yourself, and for many other forms of life as well. Algae will grow where water is, but you can learn to balance and control the algae in the water so your water is clearer and cleaner.

Controlling algae is more of a problem for new pond owners who are learning to experiment and balance the water, as well as the spring months, when the water in the pond is not year fully balanced after a winters cold. One important factor that will have an affect on cleaner and clearer water is the pump you use in the water garden. Using the proper equipment in the pond is going to have an affect on how easily you can control the algae from growing in the water garden.

The pump used in the water garden should be large enough to move about one half of the amount of water in your water garden through the pump during the course of a day. The more water that will move through the pump during the day the cleaner your water will appear.

Another important piece of equipment in your water garden is the filter in the pump. While many gardeners will not thing about the filter too much, you need a filter that is just as good as your pump. Remember your filter is going to filter the water through the pump, twenty-four hours a day, so a good filter is important for the cleaning of your water.

To keep your water cleaner, algae clear, you need to start with the basic good construction of a water garden. The shape of your water garden should include that the depth of your water is very deep over forty percent of your water garden. A slope in the bottom of the pond will help you attain depth in one portion of the water garden.

Another factor in construction of your water garden is that you have the right depth for the type of fish you are keeping. Larger fish need deeper waters, at least one or two feet for the smallest of fish, and adding more depth for the larger types of fish.

One last feature in construction that will help you keep the algae levels lower in your garden is the use of testing the water. Without testing the pH levels of the water you will never realize what problems you might be facing or how your actions could change them. You can learn more about testing the water in other articles here on pond web.

In the construction of your water garden, if you have used concrete or marble for building your water garden, these items bring up the pH levels in the water of the water garden. Algae will grow faster if you use these items to build your water garden. Testing more often will be needed to control the algae in the water.

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