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article: Algae Control Part II

Algae Control Part II

We have talked a little about how the construction of your water garden and continue materials will alter the algae growth in your water garden, but in this article we are going to talk a little more about how algae can be controlled during the continued use and growth of your water garden features.

In maintaining your water garden you will always notice that some amount of build up on the bottom of the water garden is going to occur. The sludge on the bottom of the water garden can be controlled with chemicals, but sometimes with the use of fish and plants, you donít want to involve the use of chemicals.

Great results with cleaner water can still occur without the use of chemicals in the garden with your use of balancing the plants that are in the water, and around the water. Seek out the use of plants that will absorb and use the debris from the water leaving you with cleaner water. Water lettuce, water lilies, and floating plants are going to help keep your water cleaner from algae.

Great results will also occur when placing certain fish in the water garden. Some fish are going to actually eat some of the debris in the water. This too will help balance the water garden without the use of chemicals preventing some algae from growing. Koi fish are just one type known for keeping the water free of algae.

Another method of controlling algae and the debris in the bottom of the water garden is the use of a skimmer net or a vacuum or even a siphon. Actually taking the time to occasionally pull the debris from the water is going to help in cutting back the algae that grows in the water over the long term.

If you have a major problem with algae, you should test the water. Sometimes a balance in the water only can be controlled by the use of chemicals or an additive that is going to neutralize the pH levels in the water without hurting the plants and fish. Levels of pH that are out of control can harm fish and plants as well as growing algae in your water garden.

Look for algae growing on things you have in the water. Sometimes statues, mats, pots or even burlap that controls growth of plants can be sources for algae that grow in your water. Cleaning, changing or removing these items can help you stop that uncontrollable algae problem.

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