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article: Bog Plants

Bog Plants

Bog plants are plants that like the moisture in the soil that the water garden can provide. Bog plants grow along the exteriors of the water garden to create a frame for your water garden or an extension of the water garden. There are many types of bog plants that you can use to create that look you want for your own water garden, and you can use numbers of them when you have a large water garden or moisture leading to the water garden where other plants wonít grow. Letís talk a little about a few types of bog plants that you are going to really enjoy.

Bugle bog plants: this is a hardy plant that will survive year after year for your enjoyment. The bugle plant spreads out where moisture is found. The leaves are a dark reddish brown color and during the winter months the leaves will lighten while some may be lost, it is still a colorful addition to your water garden. This plant will grow to be about four to six inches high so you can use it along with other bog plants where you are creating a border. The Bugle plant loves the full sun areas of your water garden for the best colors.

Cuckoo flower bog plants: this is a plant that will bring you flowers in the early spring months, and you can find two different varieties, the commercial (which has double flowers) and then there is wild (which has single flowers). The leaves on this plant are fern like, thin and wispy. This plant will grow to be about eighteen to twenty inches tall providing you a great backdrop in areas around the water garden. Flowering in the spring months, this plant prefers the partial shade areas instead of the full sun like many other plants.

Pond Spurge bog plants: this plant grows to be about three feet tall, which can be used as a natural fencing around the water garden. Growing where the soil is moist, the Pond spurge thrives best in the full sun areas around your water garden. This flowering bog plant will bloom in the spring months and into the early summer months. This plant seems to grow in clumps that you can divide in the very early spring months if you like. The leaves are very dark deep green in the spring months but as the temperatures of the summer rise the leaves will turn a brown bronze color.


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