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article: Aquatic Plants III

Aquatic Plants III

The plants in your water garden create the scenery that you have always dreamed of. If you have a small water garden or a large pond, there are plants that will grow best in your environment. The aquatic plants that you choose should coincide with the size of your water garden, and the depths of where you want to plant any particular flower. Aquatic plants help to clean the water, balance the environment and create the overall water garden that you can enjoy with little maintenance.

A few aquatic plants for your review are:

The Lagarosiphon major, which I s aplant that have long leaves over a very long stem. The leaves grow from many portions of the stem, and will curl to create a very full effect over the length of the stem. The plant will grow with a curve in the stem, a bend in the middle as it grows to hold new leaves on the top portion of the plant. This plant grows best in the shallow areas of your water garden, where the water is less than six inches deep.

Nuphar is a plant that has thick oval leaves that will float on the surface of the water garden as a Lily wood. Each plant is going to produce just one flower, which is generally small. The Nuphar is very similar to a water lily floating in the deeper areas of the water, producing flowers, but they also will continue to grow in areas of water that include a flow of water. Water lilies do not thrive well in areas of moving water. The roots grow to be anywhere from four to six feet long, cleaning the water and aiding in the balancing of your water garden.

Potamogeton crispus, sounds like a crispy plant, but really, it is very soft like seaweed. This plant grows to be about four inches and will produce long crinkly leaves along one main stem. The leaves on this plant will be green to a brownish green color. This plant will produce a flower but only at the end of summer when the plant reaches above the water. It can grow in many areas of the water garden, but areas of where the water is shallow and the soil leans to a clay type is the best areas.

Trapa natans is a very different type of aquatic plant. The leaves on this plant are very square, and the leaves are all spread out by long stalks that lead back to the same stem. This floating plant will spread out to about fifteen inches wide and the roots will reach down into the soil below the water. This plant can be difficult to take a cutting and then to grow in your own garden.

Orontium aquaticum is a plant that will float, but also will root and grow in the shallow ends of the water garden. This plant has various long stems that reach from the base of the plant to produce a long leaf that is very oval almost spear like. The orontium aquaticum will grow to be just over a foot tall, producing flowers in the late summer months. This is an easy to grow and control plant. Flowers on this plant are yellow to a very pale white color.


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