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article: Answers about Koi Fish

Answers about Koi Fish

Your water garden is a treasured space of fish and plants. If you are a beginner in the fish world, it is important that you know a bit about the fish that you are purchasing for your water garden for a successful pond. Here we are going to talk a bit about the different appearances of the Koi and about the Koi fish in general.

At one time in history, Koi were believed to be a very dull and uninteresting fish. Over time, the Koi have developed genetically into a great number of colorful and spectacular species. The Koi is part of the carp family and within this the number of types of Koi vary. Koi have been bred with some very interesting fish that have created their new looks and colors.

If you are purchasing very young Koi keeping them in a small aquarium for a few months until they have grown a bit and can be kept easily in the pond will save you from purchasing additional Koi later. Young Koi needs a well-filtered environment to grow healthy and strong. You will notice when the Koi are growing they will look similar to other fish, but as they grow their colors become more vibrant and their bodies change.

Some of the major categories of Koi have the following characteristics:

The Tancho koi has just a simple red mark on the top of its head. There are three types of the Tancho, which are Kohaku, the Sanke and the Showa Koi.

The Koromo koi are a white looking fish with a red pattern over their body with even darker spots over their skin.

The Bekko koi are a red or yellow fish with black and sometimes white markings over the body.

The Asagi Koi has a unique coloring with a blue body and then red spots over portions of their head, fins, and body. Sometimes the blue is so light colored that it appears to be a gray color.

The Show Sanshoku Koi are a black colored Koi that will have red or white, sometimes mixed markings over their body.

The water garden is a place where you can enjoy the fish, creating a space where you are giving back to nature. Choosing the fish that fit your water garden dreams will be easy once you have a picture in your mind about what you want your water garden to be like!


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