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No pond, waterfall or fountain is complete without a pump; however, the unique landscaping design of every backyard or corporate grounds has its own set of considerations. Fortunately, PondSupply.com is here to help you decide what type of pump is best for your needs and match you with the right pump for your project. We carry a large selection of pond pumps, including:

- Submersible Pond Pumps
- External Pond Pumps
- Magnetic Drive Pumps
- Utility Pond Pumps
- Table Top Fountain Pumps
- Waterfall Pumps

Every pond pump model that we carry has been chosen by our team of pond installation experts, ensuring that you'll only find the best possible solutions for your project on our site. We carry pumps in a variety of sizes from some of the most well-respected manufacturers in the industry, such as:

- Little Giant - Eco Plus - Easy Pro - Beckett - CalPump
- F&Q - FishMate - PentAir - PondMaster - Savio

Little Giant/Pondworks  WGP-65-PW/Dual Discharge/1900Gph
Little Giant/Pondworks: WGP-95-PW/Dual Discharge/4300Gph Submersible pump capable of operating multiple components or features simultaneously. Improved torque produces higher pressure than mag drive pumps. 16' cord. $349.95

Easy Pro Pump Protector 8
Easy Pro Pump Protector 8" These pump cages protect against plugging from leaves, algae and other debris by creating a large surface area around the pump. Designed to fit all brands of small pumps. 8" diameter and 1" thick sidewalls allowing pumps up to 6" diameter. $35.95

Easy Pro Pump Protector 12
Easy Pro Pump Protector 12" These pump cages protect against plugging from leaves, algae and other debris by creating a large surface area around the pump. Designed to fit all brands of small pumps.12" diameter and has 2" thick sidewalls allowing pumps up to 8" diameter. $47.95

Beckett Baby Versa Pump
Beckett Baby Versa Pump Use in table top fountains, small statuary or small patio ponds. 60 gph @ 1', max lift 2.5', 6' cord. $23.95

Beckett Versa Gold Pumps
Beckett Versa Gold Pumps Epoxy-encapsulated submersible pumps. 115V, 60Hz. All have screen inlet and 16' cord(except 92GPH has 6' cord).

Beckett Versa Gold Pumps - 210gph  $72.95
Beckett Versa Gold Pumps - 300gph  $99.95
Beckett Versa Gold Pumps - 535gph  $139.95
Beckett Waterfall Pumps
Beckett Waterfall Pumps

Wet rotor / wet bearing technology. Energy efficient, handles large particles. Can be used horizontal or vertical. Water cooled motor for submersed use only. 16' cord. 2" MNPT outlet with 1-1/2" barb on 3500/5000. W1150 accepts 1" tubing; W1800 accepts 1-1/2" tubing.

Beckett Waterfall Pumps 1800 gph  $183.95
Beckett Waterfall Pumps 3560 gph  $196.95
Beckett Waterfall Pumps 5000 gph  $221.95
BVP Dirty Water Pump
BVP Dirty Water Pump Heavy duty submersible pump for dirty water containing particles. Capable of handling solids up to 1-1/2. Environmentally-friendly, oil-less motor with capacitor start for instant torque and double ball bearings for high efficiency and quiet operation. Ceramic shaft sleeve and triple seals provide extended life. 16-ft cord. $474.95

CalPump Niagra
CalPump Niagra Motor is permanently sealed in biodegradable vegetable- based lubricant. 115V. Flow adjuster on all units. 1/2" NPT suction/intake; 1/4" NPT discharge. Operates submerged or open-air. All units have 20' cords. 1 year warranty.

CalPump Stainless Steel & Bronze Pump
CalPump Stainless Steel & Bronze Pump 2-YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY. 115V. Motors are sealed in non-toxic, biodegradable lubricant. Use submerged or open-air; can be used in fresh, salt, or chlorinated water. All units have flow adjusters and 20' cords.

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