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To maintain a healthy, clean, and biologically sound pond, filtration is a must. Pond owners know the importance of having a good filtration system and this, in fact, is the number one concern for pond owners. To install a good filtration system, it often takes more work and upfront costs but you will notice in the long run, there will be less maintenance and more enjoyment of your pond.
When we talk about filters, we actually mean a wide range of types suited to different types of ponds and water displays. In pond kits, you will typically receive a waterfall filter which is comprised of a lip and a box that becomes your waterfall feature for your pond. For the most part, filtration pads ad bio-media are added sometimes you can add additional media to complete the filtration process.

PondSupply.com is your number one source for pond filters. We carry an extensive selection of pond filters for everything from Just a Falls setups to waterfall and pond setups to standalone ponds. Before we add a new filter to our inventory, our team of pond experts conducts research and evaluates the overall quality and performance of the model to ensure that it meets our high quality standards. This allows us to offer the finest selection of pond filters to our customers and means that you can shop our inventory with confidence. Our pond filter collection includes a wide variety of styles with something for every pond. We carry ultraviolet filtration systems, gravity flow filters, in pond filters, pressurized external filters and waterfall filters from AquaFalls and Eco Series. Choosing the right filter is one of the most important parts of designing the ideal backyard pond and can greatly reduce the number of maintenance issues that occur in the years that follow installation. Our team has more than 15 years of experience performing professional pond installation and maintenance, making us experts in all things filtration.

PondMaster 2000 Filter Only
PondMaster 2000 Filter Only Pondmaster 2000 (12" x 24") deluxe filter system using polyester and biological media. Pondmaster 2000 Filter requires 2 pads. Pads measure 12"x12".

PondMaster 2000 Filter Only  $126.95
PondMaster 2000 Filter Replacement Foam  $34.95
PondMaster Carbon Pad For PM1000/2000  $11.95
PondMaster Replacement Coarse Pad 12inX12in  $16.95
PondMaster Replacment Carbon/Coarse Pad Set  $24.95
PondMaster 190 Kit
PondMaster 190 Kit 190-gph pump with deluxe filter system (both mechanical & biological), & bell fountain head. For ponds up to 400 gal. 3 yr warranty. $105.95

Beckett Submersible Pond Filter 400 gal
Beckett Submersible Pond Filter 400 gal Provides mechanical and biological filtration. Encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria to naturally balance pond. $49.95

Matala Biosteps Filters
Matala Biosteps Filters

An ideal filter for ponds up to 2600 gallons; koi ponds up to 1330 gallons. Steps-wise transition from mechanical filtration to high efficiency biological filtration. Recommended flow of 665 gph.

Matala Biosteps Filter w/ 9watt UV  $312.95
Matala Boisteps Filter w/ 13watt UV  $360.75
Matala Biosteps Filter w/ 18watt UV  $396.95
Matala Biosteps UVC - 9 Watt  $126.95
Matala Biosteps UVC - 13 Watt  $168.95
Matala Biosteps UVC - 18 Watt  $214.95
Matala Biosteps Replacement 9 Watt UV Lamp  $25.95
Easy Pro Pump Protector 8
Easy Pro Pump Protector 8" These pump cages protect against plugging from leaves, algae and other debris by creating a large surface area around the pump. Designed to fit all brands of small pumps. 8" diameter and 1" thick sidewalls allowing pumps up to 6" diameter. $35.95

Easy Pro Pump Protector 12
Easy Pro Pump Protector 12" These pump cages protect against plugging from leaves, algae and other debris by creating a large surface area around the pump. Designed to fit all brands of small pumps.12" diameter and has 2" thick sidewalls allowing pumps up to 8" diameter. $47.95

Ultima II Cyclonic Filter
Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Filters Ultima Filters are superior to bead filters because of their patented bio-tube media which does not clump together like beads do. No need for a blower for back washing!

Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Filter - 10k  $1,728.95
Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Filter - 20k  $2,066.95
Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II Filter - 30k  $2,756.95
Atlantic Filterfalls
Atlantic Filterfalls Extra wide spillway enhances the waterfall and aerates the water. Open swirl chamber means water flows evenly and efficiently through filter mat and media. Three separate filtering actions. Includes bulkhead fitting, removable grate, media bags, filter mat and Teflon tape & liner attachment.

Atlantic Filterfalls 1000  $107.95
Atlantic Filterfalls 1500  $177.95
Atlantic Filterfalls 2000  $199.95
Atlantic Filterfalls Filter Grate 1000  $19.95
Atlantic Filterfalls Filter Grate 1500  $19.95
Atlantic Filterfalls Filter Grate 2000  $26.95
Atlantic Filterfalls Filter Mat 1000  $19.95
Atlantic Filterfalls Filter Mat 1500  $19.95
Atlantic Filterfalls Filter Mat 2000  $26.95
Atlantic Filterfalls Filter Mat 2800  $20.95
Atlantic Filterfalls Media Bag  $19.95
Beckett Submersible Pond Filter 700
Beckett Submersible Pond Filter

For ponds up to 350 or 700 gallons. Water filters down through 3 filtration media and is recirculated back into the pond through a fountain head (3-tier). Includes a diverter/control valve and 2 extension tubes. Includes a properly sized pump.

Beckett Submersible Pond Filter 700  $143.95
Beckett Submersible Pond Filter Replacement Filter Pad  $20.95
Beckett Diverter Valve  $9.95
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