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Product: Water Treatments - Algae Control

If your pond water is discolored or murky due to algae, you're not alone. Algae growth is one of the most common problems that affect backyard ponds. Keeping your pond free of algae requires regular maintenance, and you can greatly reduce the work required by using products that help inhibit algae growth and destroy algae.

All of the algae control products that we carry here at PondSupply.com meet our high standards for effectiveness and quality. With more than 15 years in the pond installation and maintenance business, we can fully stand behind the algae control formulas that we feature. In our collection, you'll find biological solutions that fight algae using natural bacteria. We also carry chemical-based algae control products, some of which are EPA approved. You'll also find rock-based algae control solutions and algae removal tools in our lineup.

EcoFix Bacterial pond clarifier that breaks down dead algae and makes pond water clean and clear. Helps create a cleaner ecosystem for fish. Increases oxygen level in pond water. Treats up to 2,000 gallons per 8 ounces.

EcoFix - 16oz  $21.95
EcoFix - 64oz  $49.95
EcoFix - 128oz  $83.95
GreenClean Granular Algaecide
GreenClean Granular Algaecide GreenClean Granular Algaecide is a great product for controlling algae in water features! This EPA registered product provides extremely fast results in treating string algae.

GreenClean Granular Algaecide 2lb.  $34.95
GreenClean Granular Algaecide 8lb.  $61.95
GreenClean Granular Algaecide 20 lb.  $104.95
GreenClean Granular Algaecide 50 lb.  $149.95
PondCare Algaefix
PondCare Algaefix EPA registered algae control for water gardens! Control algae without harming fish or plants!

PondCare Algaefix 8 oz.  $9.95
PondCare Algaefix 16 oz.  $15.95
PondCare Algaefix 32 oz  $30.95
PondCare Algaefix 64 oz.  $49.95
PondCare Algaefix 128 oz.  $79.95
PondCare Algaefix 320 oz.  $145.95
Algae Twister
Algae Twister For removal of string algae or blanketweed. Telescopic handle extends from 24" to 40". $29.95

Microbe-Lift Algaway
Microbe-Lift Algaway Control String Algae!
No More Green Water. No More Algae Growth.
Stops algae growth in ponds.
Can be applied to areas that contain fish and plants (snails and crustaceans should be removed during treatment).
Treats over 5000 gallons per 16 oz.

Microbe-Lift Algaway - 8oz  $13.95
Microbe-Lift Algaway - 16oz  $15.95
Microbe-Lift Algaway - 32oz  $22.95
Microbe-Lift Algaway - 1gal  $67.95
McGrayel Fountec
McGrayel Fountec Organic polymers that keep water clean, clear, and algae-free. Kills & inhibits algae and bacteria. Non- staining. Safe for birds, plants, animals, but NOT FISH - use in tabletop fountains.

McGrayel Fountec 8 oz  $13.95
McGrayel Fountec 64 oz  $56.95
McGrayel Protec
McGrayel Protec For scale-free and stain-free surfaces. Contains phosphonates for protection against white mineral deposits and metal stains on fountain surfaces. Treats 25 gallons per ounce.

McGrayel Protec 8 oz  $13.95
McGrayel Protec 64 oz  $48.95
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