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article: Additional Equipment for the Water Garden

Additional Equipment for the Water Garden

Your water garden will require constant upkeep, but many water gardens learn to balance their water garden without the use of equipment, or at least too much of it. In a previous article, we discussed the basics in the water garden like the ground fault circuit interrupter, the aeration pumps, and lighting, but here we are going to discuss some of the other equipment that is very useful in the water garden, making your water gardening tasks easier and saving you time in certain situations.

A popular piece for the water garden is a water-circulating pump. A pump that is going to take all the water in and put it back into the water garden that can be done in less than two hours is a water-circulating pump that will increase the benefits of you water for the fish and plants in the garden. The water-circulating pump is often used in a pool where no natural stream is left into the water garden. The water-circulating pump is used with a filtration system so that the dirtiest of waters will be cleaned and filtrated for the fish and plants. You most often will not need a water circulating pump if you have been able to balance the water quality between your number of fish and plants, but in some very hot temperature areas the water circulating pump the water circulating will increase the oxygen levels as needed.

Pond sweeps are a necessity in areas of the country where leaves, pine needles or other debris from the surrounding area of the pond get into the pond. A pond sweep is just like a sweeper, going to the bottom of the pond, getting out the major debris, the leaves, the rocks, the limbs and such so your pond is cleaner and ‘easier’ to balance out in the spring months. Most often, your pond sweep is not going to be able to get out all the debris in the pond, but fighting at least sixty or seventy percent of what falls into the pond is a great start. If your water garden is out in the open, you most likely will not need a pond sweep to keep your water garden cleaner.

Deicers are another piece of equipment that is not needed in every water garden, but for the smaller water gardens with fish living in them over the coldest of winter months, this could be a very essential piece of equipment. Doing just what the name says, a water garden deicer is going to keep the water garden from freezing, so that the fish in the water garden will have additional oxygen even during the coldest months of the year.

Living in an area of the country where your water garden is near trees, a pond net could be used to collect leaves, stones, and debris from falling into the water garden. A pond net is placed over the water garden, collecting debris and then you can remove the net and empty it so that the debris never reaches the bottom of your pool. This is a difficult net to use on the largest of water gardens, but on the mid size and smaller water gardens it is a piece of equipment that makes your water gardening tasks so much easier.

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