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Brand: Matala

Matala Biosteps Filters
Matala Biosteps Filters

An ideal filter for ponds up to 2600 gallons; koi ponds up to 1330 gallons. Steps-wise transition from mechanical filtration to high efficiency biological filtration. Recommended flow of 665 gph.

Matala Biosteps Filter w/ 9watt UV  $312.95
Matala Boisteps Filter w/ 13watt UV  $360.75
Matala Biosteps Filter w/ 18watt UV  $396.95
Matala Biosteps UVC - 9 Watt  $126.95
Matala Biosteps UVC - 13 Watt  $168.95
Matala Biosteps UVC - 18 Watt  $214.95
Matala Biosteps Replacement 9 Watt UV Lamp  $25.95
Matala Pond Vac II
Matala Pond Vac II 4X more power than PondTec Vac in suction test. Suction lift 5-ft above water. Auto fill and drain cycle. Powerful 2-HP motor. 5-gal capacity. $219.95

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