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Brand: Hakko

Hakko 12-Way Stainless Steel Manifold
Hakko 12-Way Stainless Steel Manifold Gives the ability to send air to various areas within the pond or lake and allows venting off potential back pressure. Manifold has valves which control the outlet of air to your air stones or diffusers. $27.95

Hakko Air Pumps and Accesories
Hakko Air Pumps and Accesories Perfect for Koi Pond or Small Lakes. Greatly Increases Oxygen Levels. Better Fish Health and Growth. Improves Bio-Filtration and Reduces Algae Growth and Clarity. Reduces Sludge and Saves Electricity. Critical for Aquaculture. Intensive Recirculation System

Hakko Air Pump 40-ipm  $185.95
Hakko Air Pump Diaphragm - 40  $34.95
Hakko Air Pump Magnet - 40  $28.95
Hakko Air Pump 80-ipm  $285.95
Hakko Air Pump Diaphragm - 80  $37.95
Hakko Air Pump Magnet - 80  $34.95
Hakko Air Pump 120-ipm  $494.95
Hakko Air Pump Diaphragm - 120  $57.95
Hakko Air Pump Magnet - 120  $87.95
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