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Product: Fountain - Foggers

Want a way to enhance the look of your pond or fountain? You can give your backyard setup an air of mystery with foggers! These unique devices produce a thick mist or haze over the water. In a pond, this gives the illusion that the water is covered with fog. In a fountain, the fog drifts the water, looking as if clouds were pouring from its pedestal. You can further add to the appearance of the fog with LED lighting or let the natural beauty of the mist make a statement on its own.

PondSupply.com carries the finest qualities foggers with and without LED lighting. The fully submersible foggers are easy to hide within the water of your pond or fountain and can create an impressive amount of fog. A transformer is included with both of our pond fogger models, making setup easy.

Alpine Single Disk Fogger Kit (no lights)
Alpine Single Disk Fogger Kit (no lights) Includes fogger and transformer. $47.99

Alpine Single Disk Fogger Kit (no lights)
Single Disk Fogger Kit w/ LED lights Includes fogger, transformer and lights. $57.95

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