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Brand: Eco Plus

Eco-Plus Fountain Pumps
Eco-Plus Fountain Pumps These smaller submersible water pumps are ideal for fountains and smaller water gardens. These pumps draw water in from the bottom vs. the side.

Eco Plus 66gph Fountain Pump  $11.95
Eco Plus 100gph Fountain Pump  $13.95
Eco Plus 132gph Fountain Pump  $21.95
Eco-Plus Submersible Water Pumps
Eco-Plus Submersible Water Pumps Powerful oil-free high magnetic rotor. Ceramic shaft and bearing insures reliability and quiet operation. Trouble-free with only one moving part. Strainer protects impeller from damage. ONE year warranty. Optional inline use.

Eco Plus 185gph Pump  $15.95
Eco Plus 264gph Pump  $39.95
Eco Plus 396gph Pump  $39.95
Eco Plus 633gph Pump  $52.95
Eco Plus 1056gph Pump  $110.95
Eco Plus 1267gph Pump  $96.95
Eco Plus 1584gph Pump  $129.95
Eco Plus 2245gph Pump  $169.95
Eco Plus 3170gph Pump  $223.95
Eco Plus 4950gph Pump  $239.95
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