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Brand: Beckett

Beckett Baby Versa Pump
Beckett Baby Versa Pump Use in table top fountains, small statuary or small patio ponds. 60 gph @ 1', max lift 2.5', 6' cord. $23.95

Beckett M130
Beckett M130 130 gph, 10 watts, 0.2 amps, max lift 4.3', 6' cord, adjustable flow control, outlet accepts 1/2" ID tubing. $39.95

Beckett M250
Beckett M250 257 gph, 23 watts, 0.5 amps, max lift 6.5', 16' cord, flow control, outlet accepts 5/8" ID tubing. $47.95

Beckett M250
Beckett M350/M400 405 gph- 33 watts, 0.7 amps, max lift 8.2', 16' cord, flow control, outlet accepts 5/8" ID tubing. $69.95

Beckett 10 Watt Accent Light Kit
Beckett 10 Watt Accent Light Kit 3-10 watt lights with 60 watt transformer/photocell. $93.95

Beckett Fountain Heads
Beckett Fountain Heads

Beckett Waterbell-Trumpet and Flower-3 Tier Spray Heads

Both fountain head and diverter valve can be used with Beckett 210gph, 300gph, or 535gph Versa Gold Pumps.

Beckett Fountain Head - Flower/3-Tier  $9.95
Beckett Fountain Head - Waterbell/Trumpet  $12.95
Beckett Waterfall Pumps
Beckett Waterfall Pumps

Wet rotor / wet bearing technology. Energy efficient, handles large particles. Can be used horizontal or vertical. Water cooled motor for submersed use only. 16' cord. 2" MNPT outlet with 1-1/2" barb on 3500/5000. W1150 accepts 1" tubing; W1800 accepts 1-1/2" tubing.

Beckett Waterfall Pumps 1800 gph  $183.95
Beckett Waterfall Pumps 3560 gph  $196.95
Beckett Waterfall Pumps 5000 gph  $221.95
Beckett Water Garden Kits
Beckett Water Garden Kits Kit includes pond liner, pump, filter box, fountain nozzles, diverter valve, tubing and fittings for complete pond installation.

Beckett Water Garden Kits - Small  $149.95
Beckett Versa Gold Pumps
Beckett Versa Gold Pumps Epoxy-encapsulated submersible pumps. 115V, 60Hz. All have screen inlet and 16' cord(except 92GPH has 6' cord).

Beckett Versa Gold Pumps - 210gph  $72.95
Beckett Versa Gold Pumps - 300gph  $99.95
Beckett Versa Gold Pumps - 535gph  $139.95
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