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Product: Filters - UV Ultraviolet

UV filtration destroys single cell algae which is the main cause of green water. Can be combined with bio filtration systems to maintain a crystal clear pond. UV Filters will work excellent if you have a pressurized filter to back them up. You will need a pump to run the water through a pressurized filter that will clear most of the solid matter and then allow the water to pass through the UV filter.

Nothing can detract from the look of your backyard pond worse than green-colored water. Problems with water color typically result from the presence of single-celled algae in pond water, and ordinary filtration systems typically aren't capable of eliminating these organisms.

Ultraviolet filtration is the often answer to problems with green water, as the intense energy produced by these filters has the ability to destroy most single-celled algae. Adding one of our fine quality, reliable UV filters can make all the difference in having a grungy green pond and having crystal clear, inviting water in your backyard pond. We carry a wide variety of UV filtration options from stand-alone lights to pump clarifiers to gravity filters to biological-UV hybrids. All of our filters are well made and chosen by our team of pond experts for their performance.

The success of your UV filter depends greatly upon the overall setup of your pond, as many models work best when combined with a pressurized filter. If you need help choosing the right filter or creating a complete filtration system for the needs of your pond, contact us for help.

Aqua UV Filtration
Aqua UV Filtration Over a dozen styles to choose from. 27+ year leader in UV innovation. A proven and dependable effective method of controlling and eradicating algae spores, bacteria and protozoa in pond water. All units are weather resistant and come with a lifetime limited warranty on the housing. Optional quartz sleeve wiper cleaning system keeps quartz sleeve 100% efficient without opening unit.

Aqua UV: 8 Watt-UV-3/4"  $170.95
Aqua UV: 8 Watt-UV-3/4" - Wiper  $184.95
Aqua UV Filter - Replacement 8 Watt Bulb  $36.95
Aqua UV: 15 Watt-UV-3/4"  $186.95
Aqua UV: 15 Watt-UV-2"  $182.95
Aqua UV: 15 Watt-UV-3/4" - Wiper  $200.95
Aqua UV: 15 Watt-UV-2" - Wiper  $200.95
Aqua UV Filter - Replacement 15 Watt Bulb  $67.95
Aqua UV: 25 Watt-UV-3/4"  $247.95
Aqua UV: 25 Watt-UV-2"  $243.95
Aqua UV: 25 Watt-UV-3/4" - Wiper  $261.95
Aqua UV: 25 Watt-UV-2" - Wiper  $257.95
Aqua UV Filter - Replacement 25 Watt Bulb  $38.95
Aqua UV: 40 Watt-UV-2"  $345.95
Aqua UV: 40 Watt-UV-3/4" - Wiper  $371.95
Aqua UV: 40 Watt-UV-2" - Wiper  $366.95
Aqua UV Filter - Replacement 40 Watt Bulb  $46.95
Aqua UV: 57 Watt-UV-2"  $495.95
Aqua UV: 57 Watt-UV-2"-Wiper  $393.95
Aqua UV Filter - Replacement 57 Watt Bulb  $49.95
Aqua UV: 80 Watt-UV-2"  $607.95
Aqua UV: 80 Watt-UV-2" - Wiper  $649.95
TetraPond Green Free UV Clarifiers
TetraPond Green Free UV Clarifiers Provides permanent control of suspended algae and removes heavy algae blooms. Compact, durable and easy to install. Energy efficient. Transparent inlet/outlet allow for viewing of flow rate and bulb function. High efficiency UV bulbs provide up to 8000 hour life. 2yr warranty.

Matala Biosteps Filters
Matala Biosteps Filters

An ideal filter for ponds up to 2600 gallons; koi ponds up to 1330 gallons. Steps-wise transition from mechanical filtration to high efficiency biological filtration. Recommended flow of 665 gph.

Matala Biosteps Filter w/ 9watt UV  $312.95
Matala Boisteps Filter w/ 13watt UV  $360.75
Matala Biosteps Filter w/ 18watt UV  $396.95
Matala Biosteps UVC - 9 Watt  $126.95
Matala Biosteps UVC - 13 Watt  $168.95
Matala Biosteps UVC - 18 Watt  $214.95
Matala Biosteps Replacement 9 Watt UV Lamp  $25.95
Fish Mate Pressurized UV + Bio Filter
Fish Mate Pressurized UV + Bio Filter Can be installed above or below ground level. Control knob for auto cleaning of sponge filter elements. 3/4" to 1" or 1-1/4" inlet and outlet. 3 year guarantee. UV lamp-on indicator. Powerclenz models enable the filter to be cleaned at the twist of a knob. Sludge outlet 3/4" - 1". 15' cord on UV. 3 yr. guarantee. 15' cord.

Fish Mate Pressurized UV + Bio Filter 1000  $324.95
Fish Mate Pressurized UV + Bio Filter 2000  $424.95
Fish Mate Pressurized UV + Bio Filter 3000  $624.95
Fish Mate Pressurized Filter 3000 - No UV  $253.95
Fish Mate UV + Bio Filter
Fish Mate UV + Bio Filter Combined UV and filter, mechanical filtration, biological purification, includes SUPRA BIO MEDIA.

Fish Mate UV + Bio Filter 8W - 500 Gal  $169.95
Replacement 8W UV Lamp for 8W/2 X for 16W Filters  $21.95
Replacement Foam for 8W Compact  $17.95
AquaFish UV Lamp
AquaFish UV Lamp UV lamp surrounded by a quartz sleeve is concealed in these high quality UV resistant polyresin statuaries. Each has two 3/4" inlets (front and back) to allow for placement at any angle. 3/4" outlet, 2" cleanout on bottom.

AquaFish UV Lamp 8 watt  $170.95
AquaFish UV Lamp 15 watt  $186.95
AquaFish UV Lamp 25 watt  $247.95
AquaFrog UV Lamp
AquaFrog UV Lamp UV lamp surrounded by a quartz sleeve is concealed in these high quality UV resistant polyresin statuaries. Each has two 3/4" inlets (front and back) to allow for placement at any angle. 3/4" outlet, 2" cleanout on bottom.

AquaFrog UV Lamp 8 watt  $170.95
AquaFrog UV Lamp 15 watt  $186.95
AquaFrog UV Lamp 25 watt  $247.95
CalPump UV Clarifier
CalPump UV Clarifier Installs in-line as a stand alone fixture. Light tube unit can be installed in Bf4000 filter. 16' cord.

CalPump UV Clarifier 18 watt  $164.95
TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filter
TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filter With UV Provides mechanical and biological filtration. Contains no foam and features advanced-design Open-Profile Bio-Activators. Heavy duty construction with robust latches and O-ring seals to ensure leak free performance. Backflush valve reverses flow for cleaning biomedia and sponges. Accepts 1-1/2" ID tubing. 2 year warranty. $0.00

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