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For many people, the idea of building their own water garden is a big part of the fun.  But for others, it may not be feasible to build it themselves for various reasons, maybe they just aren’t good with their hands, or don’t like the physical labor.

Of course, building it yourself may be very rewarding for several reasons.  You get the personal satisfaction of creating something yourself for one.  You also get to choose every single detail of every aspect of the garden.  From exactly which kinds of plants in what locations, to the exact rock styles and even ensuring your waterfall is perfectly shaped to your desires.

There can be significant cost savings in building it yourself as well, as you might expect.

Particularly for artistic type people, building their own waterfall can be the ultimate form of expression.  Artists tend to be able to have a very vivid image of what they want to create, and then the ability to actually create it.

There are several drawbacks of building it yourself, though.  For one, it can take a long time, especially if it’s just you or you and your spouse, and you have a very big planned garden.  You also may not know where to find certain materials that a contractor has easy access to, or not even be able to get them at all without a contractors license.  One of the biggest reasons can be expertise, as certain parts of the project may require skills that most people just don’t have.

If you do decide to hire a contractor to build your dream water garden, then there are many things to be aware of.  First, make sure you hire a contractor that’s very experienced in building not just water gardens, but the style of water garden you want.  Make sure you see previous examples of what they’ve built.

Since hiring a contractor is already a large project, you should be sure to get what you want.  Save up a little longer, if needed, to get everything done just right the first time.  Alternately, you could divide the project, if it’s big enough, into separately achievable pieces.  That way you can have each section done, as you can afford it, without skimping any details that are important to you.  A small but perfect diamond shines much brighter than a large shard of dirty glass.

There are actually certifications available in the realm of water garden construction contractors.  It may be of interest to you to seek out a contractor certified for building your water garden the way you want.  Especially if you’ve identified certain products you want installed, if the manufacturer offers their own certification for the installation of them.

Disadvantages of hiring a contractor include possibly a much higher cost.  It also may be hard to find contractors experienced in building water gardens in your particular area.

Whatever course you choose to take, your water garden will most certainly be a source of enjoyment for years to come.

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