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Brand: Kordon

Kordon Amquel PLUS
Kordon Amquel PLUS Removes Ammonia - Nitrite - Nitrate! Removes toxic organics but does not alter pH. Treats 2400gal/16oz.

Kordon NovAqua PLUS
Kordon NovAqua PLUS Water Conditioner with Echinacea, Vitamins and Anti-Virus Protection. Provides a protective skin slime. Contains organic immune health aids and adds electrolytes and vitamins. Provides an organic viris inhibitor and removes chlorine and toxic metals while breaking down chloramines.

Kordon Pond AmQuel
Kordon Pond AmQuel Removes ammonia, chlorine, chloramines and pheromones from water. Non-toxic to aquatic inhabitants or biological filters. Treats 960 gallons per 16 ounces.

Kordon Pond Formalin 3
Kordon Pond Formalin 3 A convenient, pre-diluted form of formalin that is an effective medication for the treatment and control of the diseases caused by fungi, protozoans, and external parasites. Can be used either as a dip or as a long term bath. Treats up to 960 gal per 16 oz.

Kordon Pond NovAqua
Kordon Pond NovAqua Adds protective skin coat. Removes copper and chlorine. Adds needed electrolytes. Contains cations and anions that are required by freshwater fish. Temporary buffering action is designed to prevent pH shock. Treats 960 gallons per 16 oz.

Kordon Pond PolyAqua
Kordon Pond PolyAqua Protects fishes’ skin, minimizes infection, and aids in healing. Combines the effective skin slime replacement properties of Pond NovAqua with the addition of Vitamin B12.

Kordon Pond Prep
Kordon Pond Prep Aids biological filtration. Removes ammonia, chlorine and chloramines. Reduces the toxicity of nitrite and provides trace elements, electrolytes and minerals. Adds buffers and detoxifies copper. Treats up to 1,000 gallons per .55 lb.

Kordon Pond Rid Ich+
Kordon Pond Rid Ich+ A combination of two powerful medications which have been scientifically proven effective in the control of external parasites such as Ich, Costia, Trichodina, Chilodenella. Does not interfere with biological filtration. Treats 960 gallons per 16 oz.

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