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We understand that there is more to owning a pond than just building it. That's why (in addition to great kits) we carry all the supplies that you need to keep your it looking great for many years after the initial construction.

We have replacement pumps, upgraded filtration systems, treatments for you water to keep it clean and healthy and/or treatments for you koi to help them recover from illness or injury. The latest maintenance equipment is also available to make cleaning quicker and easier - and we carry protective netting and predator deterrents to keep your favorite fish from ending up in some raccoon or heron's belly.


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Controlling water pests

Besides the obvious charm and enjoyment water containers provide, there is still some maintenance involved in keeping them attractive and running properly. Along with general cleaning duties, protecting your water container fish and plants from insects and pests can seem like a full time job. To name a few: aphids, mosquitoes, spider mites, midges and moths are […]

09/16/14 3:16 pm

Clams and Mussels

After introducing fish and becoming experienced and successful in that aspect, you may be interested in adding different types of life into your water garden. Freshwater clams or mussels, for example, require similar care as crustaceans. Trays of sand or aquarium gravel help create the living environment and won’t cloud the water. Fresh water clams […]

09/09/14 3:14 pm

Learning about Fish, Cyprinids

There are many types of fish that you are going to be able to choose from when building a water garden. The types of fish that you will use in the water garden will be dependent on how large your water garden is, what colors of fish that you like, and a little bit dependent […]

09/02/14 3:13 pm

Pond Start Up

Once you’ve gone through all the hard work of planning a pond, cutting and laying liner and filling your new pond, it’s about time to get some fish in there. But not just yet; first you’ll want to turn on your filters and test everything for a couple of days. Check for leaks and make […]

08/26/14 3:11 pm

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